Mt. Defiance Cidery & Distillery

Middleburg, Virginia | (540) 687-8100

Discover Our Delicious Variety of Small Batch Ciders

Enjoy these classic flavors, as well as seasonal specialties (defending on availability)


Like a classic Virginia Farmhouse, Mt. Defiance Cider is Artisan Crafted. Hand made in small batches, our cider uses the finest quality apples. Experience unpasteurized, unsweetened, traditional dry cider on its own or with a meal.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Cider.  Take our dry Farmhouse Style cider. Age it in an oak bourbon barrel, and it produces our General’s Reserve: A strong, darker colored cider with whiskey notes and hints of vanilla and caramel. Much like it did when it contained bourbon. The charred oak interior of the barrel mellows the cider over time and imparts its own flavor and aromas.

Named after General John Allen, Commanding General of all forces in Afghanistan from 2011-2013. One of our founding partners served with the General as his political advisor in Afghanistan, and recalls him as subtle, brilliant and authoritative. We’ve named our best cider in his honor.


Our Ginger Cider is made with fresh ginger root and hard Apple Cider. We mix precise amounts of fresh grated ginger with the cider resulting in a warmly aromatic, fragrant hard cider, which dances on the tongue much like real ginger ale. Ginger is used in food and drink, some countries make a ginger wine. Here at Mt. Defiance Cider we pay homage to these traditional uses by blending it with our Cider for a delicious and very different taste.


The rose hue of this cider lets you know it’s a wonderful fusion of fresh blueberries, picked at the height of the season and combined with fresh cider from Virginia apples. Slowly fermented together and allowed to reach maturity, the Cider tastes as good as it looks. The taste is not easily defined in that you pick up berry notes as well as citrus notes as the fermentation process fuses the two into a cogent whole, combining the essence of each. This makes for a soft finish which is fairly dry considering the sweetness of blueberries. A great complement to various salads, meats and cheeses.

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