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Mt. Defiance Absinthe Supérieure

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Washington, DC

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Mt. Defiance Absinthe Supérieure

Traditional French style using the finest ingredients. Distilled in a traditional Portuguese copper alembic still using recipes from 1800’s France.


2015 New York International Spirits Competition Awards
Absinthe of the Year
Silver Medal

2015 Washington Cup Spirits Competition

The Washington Cup Spirits Competition

Our absinthe is distilled using whole botanicals, naturally colored, and bottled at 140 proof. We grow our own grand wormwood, roman wormwood, hyssop, and other botanicals, and import Andalusian green aniseed and French fennel doux.

Absinthe is traditionally served with water and a touch of sugar (one part absinthe to four parts water) or in cocktails. This unique experience will enchant the palate with strong notes of anise (fennel/black licorice), followed by citrus and mint.

Tasting Notes:

  • Vibrant pendot green yielding to lovely wisps of oil trails when diluted with water.
  • Minty wormwood complemented by citrus rin, sweet anise, and fennel in the aroma.
  • Full mouthfeel with a lingering flavor

“A fantastic representation of a traditional absinthe drafted by someone who know his stuff, uses proper equipment, and cares about obtaining the highest quality ingredients. Highly recommended for the absinthe newcomer and connoisseur alike.”

— Wormwood Society

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